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Advertisement Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions and Prices for Advertising on the portal www.speditor.net
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1. Advertising herein shall mean graphics and/or texts provided by ADVERTISER to Speditor NET OOD for publication on the portal www.speditor.net for payment.

2. Publication of an advertisement shall be performed following a prior written reservation of a selected position, approval of the reservation and the promotional materials by Speditor NET and advertising price received via a bank transfer.

3. A written reservation for the publication of an advertisement and the payment of the amount due shall be made not later than 3 business days before its publication.

4. Speditor NET OOD shall made available to the ADVERTISER the position they have selected to publish an advertisement. Provided that the ADVERTISER does not have their own advertising project, the production of an advertisement by Speditor NET OOD shall be extra paid as an additional service.

5. Advertising banners should comply with the following formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF; size up to 200 Kb. Scrolling texts should be as short as possible (up to 120% on a 1920-pixel screen and a 9 pt font size).

6. The submitted advertising project shall be published at 00:00 h on the requested date at the designated place, depending on the selected advertising position, and shall be deactivated at 24:00 h following expiry of the specified final date for publication. If the advertisement has not started after 00:00 h on the requested date, it will be deactivated with the appropriate delay after 24:00 h on the specified final date.

7. The maximum duration of an advertisement for some positions shall be 1 month. The time of the advertisement could be extended if no other candidates apply for the same position 7 days before the end of the period.

8. In the event that an ADVERTISER decides to terminate its advertising, the response time by Speditor NET shall be 2 business days. Any minimum payment interval which has started shall be considered consumed. Prepayments shall not be refunded. The balance of the prepaid amount can also be allocated to another type of advertisement at a later date.

9. The ADVERTISER must state his wish to receive advertising statistics. If it is requested with a delay, the statistics will start as soon as possible after the moment of the request. For certain positions with very high impressions, for example, but not only 2, 2B, and B, impression statistics are not provided. It is not always possible to provide statistics for ad clicks leading directly to email or phone number.

10. Speditor NET OOD shall have the right to change the advertising rates at any time; however this shall not lead to a price change of an already prepaid advertisement.

11. Speditor NET OOD shall not be liable for the content of the published advertisement, the authenticity of the information in terms of the advertised goods, services, etc., nor for any suffered, possible, foreseeable and unforeseeable damages resulting from false, inaccurate or misleading advertising.

12. The ADVERTISER shall be solely responsible for the accuracy of the information regarding their own advertised goods, services and other, as well as for any suffered, possible, foreseeable and unforeseeable damages caused to third parties as a result of false, incorrect or misleading advertising they have provided.

13. The following types of advertising shall not be allowed:
- Baits - advertising a very low cost product that attracts the user to purchase it from the company when in fact the company does not have sufficient quantity of the advertised product;
- Pyramid schemes - schemes to promote a product or a service where the compensation comes mainly from attracting other customers to the scheme and not from selling or consuming products;
- Misleading advertising - misleading is any advertisement that, in any way, including the way it is presented, misleads or may mislead the persons it is addressed to or reaches and may therefore influence their economic behaviour or for these reasons causes or may cause harm to a competitor;
- Comparative advertising - comparative advertising is any advertisement that directly or indirectly identifies the competitor or the goods or services offered thereof;
- Advertising that is not directly or indirectly related to the transport industry.

14. If Speditor NET finds out that, when advertising a particular product, goods or service, the advertiser violates certain provisions and/or violates the public confidence, provides misleading information, causes financial damage to the users of the system, no contact can be established on the specified contact details for the advertised product, violates the normal operation, discredits or harms the system, Speditor NET shall have the right to suspend any subsequent advertising of the advertised product, goods or service and/or terminate the advertisement ahead of schedule, any request for compensation or refund of prepaid amounts by the advertiser being excluded.

15. Provided that advertising needs to be suspended due to Speditor NET OOD’s necessity to publish urgent messages or due to technical or other exceptional reasons, the time of such suspension shall be compensated by an extension of the total time of the selected advertising position.

16. These terms and conditions shall be binding on both parties and, should there be a correspondence exchange with a subsequent payment for advertising in the system, the advertiser shall be deemed to have become aware of these terms and conditions, and in case of failure to comply therewith, Speditor NET OOD shall have the right to postpone, cancel and/or terminate the publication of the requested advertisement.

17. The payment has to be made in advance 3 days before the start of the campaign. All prices shall be understood in Euro net of VAT and shall be payable to Speditor NET - Austria - VAT No ATU71472989

18. Speditor NET reserves the right to cancel a reservation in case the payment is not received before the start date of the campaign.

19. The types of advertising and tariff plans are listed on the site at the following link: http://info.speditor.net/reklama.htm

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